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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is there something you should know?

As you can tell by posts below, I am quite fond of Duran Duran.  I collect, I listen, I write, I create, I am profoundly inspired.  So is there something you should know?

I am in love with Duran Duran for their appearance, humor, boyish goofiness, and intellect.

I am awe-struck by each member's natural talent - 

Simon's voice is unique to him and the band, as are the lyrics he drafts.  His creativity is incredbily deep and energetic.  His words keep the listener guessing as to where he will go next.  No two songs are exactly the same or same at all.  This notion keeps Duran Duran fresh over the years.

Nick Rhodes on the keyboard often leaves me to wonder if his talent could ever stretch to a piano. . .until I hear him on the synthesizer.  Anyone can make sounds on a synthesizer.  Only he, however, can make sounds that are coherent into a song.  And there are numerous songs that open with his solo.  The man is a genius in this respect.  He makes the instrument look easy to play. . .it is not.

John Taylor is smooth on his bass guitar.  Yet he also adds funk to many classics and contemporary hits.  He is so cool in sound that it would seem that he blends into the background.  I do not think the Duranie chant, "Play that fucking bass, John," will let him slip on by.

Roger Taylor is so quiet and shy in personality.  He has a sweet and kind demeanor.  He is a loveable person.  And then he steps on stage and puts sticks to drums.  His power is intense and defines the meaning of extroverted.  He leads the beat and he knows it.  The sound that is emitted from his section of the stage reflects an entirely different side to his quiet personality.

I am, quite simply, a fan.  Therefore, refer to this entry if ever you wonder why I write so often about Duran Duran.  Any doubts?  Is there something you should know?  Consider Play It Duran Duran Fan Page (see link in the post below).  There is something I should know.  Are you a Duran Duran fan yet?

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