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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Reflex

As I sip on my coffee, blogging, and listening to Duran Duran's remake of "The Reflex," I cannot help but comment on Roger Taylor's blog post. 

The band cancelled their South African dates in the upcoming week for reasons "out of their control."  I, as I imagine the band does as well, feel terrible for those who purchased tickets to the concerts.  Duran Duran tickets are a gem to all fans - a gem found months in advance.  So to those lucky enough to get the best seat or any seat in the house, a cancellation is devastating.  The building energy, excitement, anticipation. . .So sorry.

I suppose, though, that Duran Duran's take on hurtful news comes with a reflex bit of humor.  Case in point - Roger Taylor.  Apparently, London is in a deep freeze.  Or as he calls it, "London Snowbound Hell."  Roger further commented on the mulled wine most drink to keep warm - "Sangria in disguise."  He seems to gravitate towards the "extreme" British climate that shows signs of the changing seasons.  Welcome to my full agreement being in Chicago, where even meteorologists catch themselves in surprise with 70-degree whether in November and snow in late April.

For more of a reflex, see Roger Taylor at

(The band's blog posts are under the Writing tab on their main website.)

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