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Monday, May 11, 2015

Duran Duran Series : Live from London DVD

If a live Duran Duran concert is not possible, The Duran Duran - Live From London DVD is an excellent alternative.  In fact, if you run your television at full volume, the energy of the audience will make you feel like you were there!

The DVD on the left is just a DVD.  The DVD on the right comes with a bonus CD featuring select songs from the concert.  Both DVDs have a follow-up documentary as a selection.  Just to let you know.

The set list from this Duran Duran - Live From London concert DVD is:

1)  (Reach Up For The) Sunrise
2)  Hungry Like The Wolf
3)  Something I Should Know
4)  Union of the Snake
5)  Come Undone
6)  A View to A Kill
7)  What Happens Tomorrow
8)  The Chauffer
9)  Planet Earth
10)  I Don't Want Your Love
11)  New Religion
12)  Ordinary World
13)  Night Boat
14)  Save A Prayer
15)  Notorious
16)  The Reflex
17)  Careless Memories
18)  Wild Boys
19)  Girls On Film
20)  Rio

Personal notes -

Hungry Like The Wolf - Look for Simon Le Bon and John Taylor getting up close with Roger Taylor.  The moment is supposed to be humorous.  However, in my mind, Roger looks like he wants to tell them he is trying to work.  Alas, with the original lineup back together, the moment is humorous.

Union of the Snake - The opening is electric, with the visual overlaying Andy Taylor's guitar.  Pretty cool.

Planet Earth - Stare at the lighting rig...Just stare.

I Don't Want Your Love - The opening is unbelievable.  For every moment Simon is silent, Roger prepares for his next blast on his drums, Nick steps back from his keyboards, and John and Andy help increase the already intense energy in the audience.  For every moment Simon is silent, the screams are deafening...exactly the way the band wants it.

Night Boat - In one singular second and off camera, Nick Rhodes taps the beat to the opening of "Save A Prayer."

There are overall camera shots of the guys chatting with each other as they played.

The experience just watching the DVD cannot be put into words.  If I had to, though, I would say flat out fun and addictive.  The Amazon DVD on the left is the copy I received as a Christmas present in 2007.  I was on my last winter break as a college undergraduate.  I literally - not kidding- watched the DVD every day, concert and documentary.

Either or both DVDs is a strong recommendation to all Duran Duran fans.

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