Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Abbey Road

The cover of Abbey Road has no printed words. It is a photo of the Beatles, in side view, crossing the street in single file.
Abbey Road

Abbey Road is the 11th album by The Beatles, released in September 1969.  

Genres considered - Blues, Rock, Pop

Point of interest -
"The End" as the concluding track on the album was the final that all four members would record together.  John Lennon left shortly before the release.  Paul McCartney announced the official break-up in April 1970.

Point of interest -
EMI Studios in London was renamed Abbey Road Studios after the album.  

Refer to Wikipedia for a full production background. 

Abbey Road note - 9th most downloaded album on iTunes in 2010

Abbey Road initial success -
4 million copies sold in the first two months of release
No. 1 in the UK
In total, the album spent 81 week on UK albums charts.
No. 1 on U.S. Billboard Top LP

Abbey Road Certifications -
Gold in France
Platinum in Germany and Italy
2x Platinum in Denmark
3x Platinum in Australia and the UK
5x Platinum in New Zealand
12x Platinum in the U.S.
Diamond in Argentina and Canada

Upon release, Abbey Road received mixed reviews with critics claiming the album to be "inauthentic."  After the fact, Abbey Road was claimed by critics to be The Beatles' greatest album.

Although the "Fab Four" were no longer upon release, their final Fab Four record proved profound honors despite internal upset.

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