Thursday, March 12, 2020

Electric Guitar! I love you, man

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In reference to Andy Taylor of Duran Duran live at Wembley in 2004, welcome to the launch edition of zZounds Electric Guitar!  As with zZounds Drums (On the drums...) and zZounds Bass Guitar (Plat that *f*), this series will feature a variety of the ultimate rock music instrumental - the electric guitar.

With that said, play this electric guitar -

EVH Eddie Van Halen Striped Series Electric Guitar
$999.99 OR 12 Payments $83.33

From one legendary guitarist to another, the EVH electric guitar is a must to highlight in this zZounds Electric Guitar series.

Designed for lefties 
Stratocaster-style body
Eddie Van Halen's iconic red with black and white stripe graphics

The finer details are best left to the pros...southpaw pros.

If you are curious about this EVH Eddie Van Halen Striped Series Electric Guitar, Left-Handed, follow the link above to explore and enjoy.  If you are seriously interested in owning an iconic essential as created by Eddie Van Halen, follow the link above for further information and a payment plan.

"Electric Guitar!  I love you, man."
Who would you reference - Eddie Van Halen or Andy Taylor...or both?

As always,

Play it!

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