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Monday, May 3, 2010

Set List - Duran Duran

I earlier declared that Duran Duran will forever remain in my heart. As I listen to "Reach Up For the Sunrise" (live) while writing this entry, Duran Duran indeed fills my heart and life. So why?
I discovered Duran Duran at age eight, when I heard "Ordinary World" off of the record, The Wedding Album. "Ordinary World" is my first and foremost with DD - first song I memorized all of the lyrics to, first song that attracted me to the band, first song I fell in love with. The words, the instruments. . .the song is perfect. I have heard "Ordinary World" recorded and live. I will always prefer the recorded version, because if you listen closely to the ending - the instrumental over Simon Le Bon's vocals - there inlies the haunting yet soothing elements of a song that says so much. "Ordinary World" sends a message, and the ending is just a peaceful reminder.
I have since followed The Wedding Album with a Greatest Hits cd, Astronaut, Red Carpet Massacre, Rio, a self-titled, and numerous concert/documentary dvds. My interest has grown into a passion, and collection. Every song, every album is different and unique, reinventing the band each time. I think this is why Duran Duran can maintain their status and popularity. Astronaut is classic in sound and lyrics while RCM has an edge that appeals to new generations, as an example.
Clearly, I can go on for some time about this band that fills my heart and life so. I will in fact devote more entries to DD, covering such topics as my favorite live songs, my interest in each member of the "original lineup" as Nick Rhodes once said, my first concert experience, and perhaps more.
And so with that I say, play it Duran Duran!

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